FireFly was once known as -v-, the name being an obvious ripoff of popular ThinkTanks modder -z-.

-v- at one point created "Planetthinktanks2," which he claimed to be the next PlanetThinkTanks website. His site was hosted at Freewebs and most of its content was directly ripped from the first PTT, other than the site design, which was infact a default Freewebs template. Even all the images and skins were hotlinked from PTT. This led to many complaints and some of the original authors replaced the hotlinked with vulgar images, including pornography. -v- quickly pulled all content.

The website is still up, however all of its content has been removed.

-v- was famous for his very poor grammar. The most popular quotes were "AMMB -V-" (instead of I am -v-), "bird flew" (instead of bird flu) and "sigh up" (instead of sign up)

Along with these things, he also had an obsession with Harry Potter and on several occasions claimed he was going to be in a future movie.

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