ThinkTanks Skinning Edit

PTT2 Skins & Images Area Edit

The PTT2 Skins & Images Area (called "Skins Gallery") has been created as a substitute for PTT's Skinning Section. The Skins Gallery is created and owned by DrSawbones. You need a seperate account created on the Skins Gallery, in order to add images to the Gallery.

The Categories Edit

  • TT Screenshots: Self-explainment. Here you can add all your favorite TT-screenies
  • Creative Collections: For all your favourite... well... creative collections... This is the place for drawnings!
  • Tank 01: All skins for the LightTank belong here!
  • Tank 02: All skins for the MediumTank belong here!
  • Tank 03: All skins for the HeavyTank belong here!
  • Tank 04: All skins for the UfoTank (BabyBoss) belong here!
  • Common: All skins for Scrumballs, Powerups, Ammogate, ... belong here!
  • Tank Treads: All skins for the Tank Treads belong here!
  • Brain Parts: All skins for the Brain Parts belong here!
  • Terrains: All skins for the Terrain Pictures belong here!
  • Interface Sets: All skins for the TT-Interface belong here!

Extras Edit

  • You can view slide-shows
  • You can post and view user-comments
  • You can give the skins your rating (* up to *****)

Linky! Edit

PTT2 Skins Gallery

T3 Skin Sets Edit







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