Welcome to ThinkTanks Town! If you love the game of ThinkTanks, then you've found the new ultimate website for sharing news and information about the game and its players! This is a unique website because YOU can actually contribute to it anytime you want! It was created by a TT Fan for TT Fans! So welcome aboard!

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Paisano® 19:54, 13 April 2006 (UTC)

Our Mission Statement

The primary focus of this website will be to document the history of the game and its players. We will have all kinds of lists on here that can be updated by anyone at anytime! The beauty of this kind of site is that it will be a perpetual work in progress and always up to date thanks to you! We will maintain lists for player names, armies, tournement results, league results, etc. etc.

About The Game

This is where you can find out everything about the game of ThinkTanks. Who created it, when was it first released, what is its future, etc.!

Current Events

Come here for the latest news about ThinkTanks and this website!

Download Center

New updates, patches, mods, skins, images, etc.!

The MOD Squad

This is the place for you modders and developers out there who enjoy creating new maps for the game! Share news, tips and tricks here.

Give Me Some Skin!

The ultimate libary of tank skins!


Everything for TT Armies!

The Lists!

Here are the lists! Everything about the game and its players! Past and current players, armies, tournements, leagues, etc.!

Community Portal

Contact information for players. BrainShare© Message boards Live TANKChat®

Help Center

Find Help & Support here! Tutorials on how to edit pages, upload files and more! How to play the game of ThinkTanks!

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