Proud_gaminggeek, more currently known as PGG, was a long time member of the ThinkTanks community. He attempted skinning, but never grew popular in the community, and moved on to simple 3D modeling and texturing. He stopped being an active player of ThinkTanks around mid 2007, although he can still be seen posting on the PTT2 forums.

His most notable accomplishment was the pseudo-army GL (Geek Legion), which eventually merged into one of the Top Five armies, the D5. He also made an attempt to start a game project called RED Strike using the multi-talented community of PTT. Sadly, there is a reason every teenager with a good idea doesn't become famous.

Currently, PGG is involved in freelance 3D modeling, graphic design, or special effects jobs. He is a well known resource in his local community, and has been working on a new game project that has already shown more promise than RED Strike ever had. If you wish to reach him, he can be contacted at, or through a post on his blog at

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