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Welcome to the TT Army Page!

Here is the TT-Army message forum on PTT2

Below are lists of currently active armies as well as armies that are no longer in existence.

Active TT Armies Edit

Army Abbr. - Full name - Leader -

([[]]) Invisible army - 44

(?) Punctuation army

(UF) Unstoppable Force - Supratank

(SA) Shadow Army - Fred (SA)

(Fi) Formidonis Iunctus - Delta (Fi)

(VT) Vigilante Tanks - VT Triumverate

(PBx) PaintBallers Extreme - Nyarlathotep

(MI) Mercenaries Infuego - Deja Vu

(EA) Elite Army - Smeagol & Captain Brains

(SA2) Super Army - Leeds

(AK) Alaska's Team - Wild Alaskan-AK-

(DA) Dragon Army - Tinkerbell Pbx

(KT) Killer Tanks - ice mom KT

(BMT) Battle Made Tanks - The Black Baron/The BMT Baron

Dead TT Armies Edit

Army Abbr.- Full name - Founder - Leader -

 AB @$$ Blasters (UF)Tankster and LONEWOLF(UF/AB) 
AU Animals United Spunky
bfw Blue Fire Warriors x.x
BS BlackSun AdmiralSimCity
CC Cola Creepers X RobZombie X & ‡SHO(CC)ER‡
Chip Chipmunks Jeospark
D5 Deliquent 5 Saint Jimmy(SF/D5)
DA Dont know.. Ethopia
DAS Dark Assasins AncientOne(SA/DAS) *(Merged with ST to form Fi)
DB DarkBrotherhood
DC Destructive Calvary Boomo(SA/KS)
DSU double Sworder United Suriname
EE Electro Effect Legend
ES Elite Scrummers Tha_X
EX Extreme Tanks Pdiddy
FA Fourth Age The Legionary(FA)
FA Fred Army (UF)Fredster(SA)
FU Can't reveal because of kiddies Corey(FU) & LilAliendD(FU)
GB Green Berets Larz(GB) PBx
GG Gamma Gunners Matermine(GG)
GL geek legion proud_gaminggeek
H Hackers Catholic Cowboy
HA Heavy Army Dark
JT Justice Team nokta(JT)
KA Koku's Army Koku
KS Killer Snipers Kagman
LF Legendary Force Brain Dude
LM Legacy's minions Legacy (SA)
MF Morbid Fear Chong© and Minox|Bot|
OC Outcast Forgotten
PP Painful Penguins Kilika
RRP Raptor Rampage RRP-GL $corpion
RT Rolling Thunder Firefly and Coaxoch
SEALS SEALS Firefly and Coaxoch
SF Slaying Forces GODZILLA(SF)*
SF Slaying Forces Ozzy(SF)
SM Screaming Machines FatLips
ST Scythman's Tribe - Scythman (Merged with DAS to form FI) SWAT SWAT Tha_X
TB Team Burnout vinilvalo
TG Tankanian Guard Aethellyn-(TG)
TK Tank Killers Spark3 {TK}-C
TNG The Next Generation Ritz (TNG)
TS Terror Squad (UF)Sasuke(TS)
TSD Think Shoot Destroy TankManiaCTSD)UT
TT ThinkTank Legends Foulplay?
TT ThinkTanks Pheonix
TWC Turret Wavers Club Spunky
U Untouchables Fatlips and NUTS!
UDU Ultimate Dragon Union Slip(UDU/SA/DAS)
WA Warriors Spoon-Warrior
WF Warlock Force Warlock
WT Wild Tanksters Monica
XT Xtreme Tankers/Team (UF/XT/SA/DAS/FA)Jacob
XW Xtreme Warriors Joe
TOD Tanks Of Death AAA TOD SK Stek

The Army Resource Edit

The Army Resource (AR) was created by Cassie and contains Current TT-armies, Dead TT-armies, New Army Tips and so on...

PTT2 Version

T3 Version

The Army-Skins Library Edit

The Army-Skins Library (ASR) was created by LONEWOLF and contains pictures of skins of the majority of the TT-Armies

PTT2 Version

Battle Breakdowns Edit

Details from past battles and upcoming showdown!

Past Battles

Future Battles

Notes Edit

No animals were hurt in the making of this webpage.

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