Wishlist version 1.0 I. Gameplay a. Additional multiplayer game modes 1. Time-based scrum 2. Soccer 3. Ctf 4. Survivor 5. Koth

B. Terrain additions 1. Expansion of MM's sand set 2. Urban environment 3. Additional lush and frantic maps

C. Tanks 1. A fourth howitzer-style class 2. An added damage state (sparks) 3. Radar size increase

D. Physics. 1. Tighten up object clipping 2. Visual weather effects; affect on driving (?)

E. Weapons 1. Mines 2. Concussion weapon 3. Shotgun-style multishot rockets 4. Fisheye-style zoom for the speedy powerup.

II. Lobby gui • a secondary or augmented pre-game component allowing for: 1. Queueing up 2. Messaging 3. A gameday-style overview of the action occurring inside the active game. 4. Game sorting by type, ping etc. 5. Buddy list

III. Misc. • requests for a gui to access the server control and have them take effect without restarting the server. • gui to change hotkeys • integrated team messaging. `

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