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Welcome to the MOD Squad! This is where you can learn all about mods/maps! You can download them or just check them out (screenshots, notes from the modder, etc.).

Thanks to these modders who keep our old game fresh and new!!! Paisano® 16:49, 16 March 2006 (UTC)

Important Links Edit

The Modding Forum on PlanetThinkTanks2!

Rx's TT_ModPack & Napalm's XPack 4!

Warfare's Modding Resource - Everything Modding Related

NevaDie's ModsEdit

MonkeeMan's ModsEdit

Rooster's ModsEdit

Trivs & Wiz MODSEdit

Dash's ModsEdit

PLAYER36's ModsEdit

T-Bone's ModsEdit

New Mod "The Roller Coaster"
The Roller Coaster

Monica's ModsEdit

--XRob-ZombieX-- Mods Edit

Sersh's Mods Edit

Pedro's Mods Edit

Cassie's Mods Edit

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