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Idea based off :::The Modding Resource::: by Warfare.

and :::The Skinning Resource::: by LONEWOLF.

For New Armies Edit

First Post Example:

Here you can see a Army First-Post Example. (Lesson 1) (TP) © Cassie (Spirit)

Tips & Tricks:

Tips & Tricks for your recently started army! (Lesson 2) (TP) © Cassie (Spirit, Scythe & LW)

Army Graphics Edit

Army Skin Library:

All Army Skins, in one thread! © LONEWOLF

Links To Active Armies Edit

Fi - Formidonis Iunctus:

Exellent TS-army whit a sweet name. Very organized and very pricipal if it goes about rules. © Delta

UF - Unstoppable Force:

Exellent TBM-army whit lots of loyal and strong members. Beautiful first post. © SupraTank

SA - Shadow Army:

A very efficient and organized army. Great players around' there © Cadc & Fred

TS - Terror Squad:

Well-led army with a wonderful first post. Readable and nice. There's a lack of communication © Yarkl

VT - Vigilante Tanks:

Many inactive leaders, though a strong power around' here. © VT Triumverate

MI - Mercenaries Infuego:

Strong army with wonderful TBM-ers. Had a wonderful start, going slower today. © Deja Vu

EA - Elite Army:

Quite new army, DK and AoA mergered, but has already done alot. Great army! © Smeagol & Capt Brains

VR - Velvet Revolver:

One army whit great potential. Both Concept & First-Post are filled in greatly. Bit inactive atm. © Hhal

JT - Justice Team:

Recently restarted army, with a clean first post. © Cassie (original= UAE Dragon)

DA - Dragon Army:

Not the best army at this moment in time. First post needs an update soon. © Dragon Queen & Dragon King

Looking for an Army? Edit

Army Recruitment Center:

List of all active armies, very well explained (TP) © Cassie

Player/Army looking for Army/Player:

Great thread, not to populated atm, though. © JESUSFREAK

Army Recruitment Center Edit

Acronym & Full Name (bold)



Ranking (T5A, L3A, N/A)

Lasted AO-Grade (-/100)

AO-Awards Won (YES (list of awards) / NO)

War Scheme (WON / LOST)

Ability To Join (YES / ONLY WHEN ASKED / NO)

Link To Website

UF - Unstoppable Force

Leader: SupraTank

Ranking: T5A #1

Lasted AO-Grade: 100/100 (A+)

AO-Awards (vol. 2) : Best TBM, Most Inspiring, Best Member Gifts

War Scheme: 10 W - 0 L

Ability To Join: Only When Asked

SA - Shadow Army

Leaders: FredDrick & Cadc

Ranking: T5A #2

Lasted AO-Grade: N/A

AO-Awards Won (vol 2): Best Army, Most Efficient

War Scheme: N/A

Ability To Join: You Can Ask Once

Fi - Formidonis Iunctus

Leaders: Delta

Ranking: T5A #3

Lasted AO-Grade: N/A

AO-Awards Won (vol 2): Best Rules, Best TS

War Scheme: N/A

Ability To Join: Only When Asked

MI - Mercenaries Infuego

Leaders: Deja Vu

Ranking: T5A #4

Lasted AO-Grade: N/A

AO-Awards Won (vol 2): Most Improved, Best TeamWork

War Scheme: N/A

Ability To Join: Ask Once or When Asked

VT - Vigilante Tanks

Leaders: VT Triumvirate (Gen Vig, Spirit, Zot, Fletched Warrior & Tankerbell)

Ranking: T5A #5

Lasted AO-Grade: 92/100 (A-)

AO-Awards Won (vol 2): Most Organized

War Scheme: 10 W - 7 L

Ability To Join: When Asked

TS - Terror Squad

Leader: Yarkl

Ranking: L3A #1

Lasted AO-Grade: 93%

AO-Awards Won (vol 2): Best New Army, Most Active

War Scheme: N/A

Ability To Join: Ask

EA - Elite Army

Leader: SmEaGoL! & Captain Brains

Ranking: L3A #2

Lasted AO-Grade: N/A

AO-Awards Won: None

War Scheme: 0 W - 0 L

Ability To Join: Be Asked

JT - Justice Team

Leader: Cassie

Ranking: ?

Lasted AO-Grade: None

AO-Awards (vol. 2) : N/A

War Scheme: 0 W - 0 L

Ability To Join: Ask

DA - Dragon Army

Leader: Dragon Queen & Dragon King

Ranking: N/A

Lasted AO-Grade: N/A

AO-Awards (vol. 2) : N/A

War Scheme: N/A

Ability To Join: Ask

AO's Army Awards Edit

Volume 2

Best Army: SA Best New Army: TS

Best Rules: Fi

Best Members Gifts: UF

Most Efficient: SA

Most Inspiring: UF

Most Organized: VT

Most Improved: MI

Needs Work: OC (Dead Now)

Best TBM: UF

Best TS: Fi

Most Active: TS

Best Teamwork: MI

Badass Award: To Be Given

Archive Link:

Volume 1

Best Rules: ST (merged with DAS, now Fi)

Most Efficient: UF

Most Inspiring: SA

Best Name: MI (back then: Monkey Intelligence)

Most Organized: UF

Best Member Gifts: UF

Worst Army / Needs Work: MoW (dead now)

Best Army: UF

Three Founders Awards:: LONEWOLF, Cadc & Ancient One

People's Award: SA

Archive Link:

List Of All Armies, Ever Edit

Created by AO, refound by Smeagol, then Cassielized

Not Updated

UF - Unstoppable Force - Tankster & LONEWOLF

SA - Shadow Army - Cadc(SA/UF/SM) & Racer445

PBx - PaintBallers Extreme - Nyarlathotep

DAS - Dark Assasins - AncientOne(SA/DAS)

ST - Scytheman's Tribe - Scytheman(ST) & Delta(ST)

UT - UnitedTanks - Capn Jordan(UT)

X - Xerminators (X/ST)Tornado

XTL - eXtreme Tank Legion - Jacob, Jimmy, Monica, PGG & Suritank

(mi) - Monkey Inteligence - Thorv (mi), Cassie & Blitzer

VT - Vigilante Tanks General Vig-VT

TS - Terror Squad - (UF)Sasuke(TS)

Old AB - @$$ Blasters - (UF)Tankster & LONEWOLF(UF/AB)

GB - Green Berets - Larz(GB) PBx

FA - Fred Army - (UF)Fredster(SA)

UDU - Ultimate Dragon Union - Slip(UDU/SA/DAS)

WA - Warriors Spoon - Warrior

HA - Heavy Army - Dark


ES - Elite Scrummers - Tha_X

SEALS - SEALS - Firefly and Coaxoch

XT - eXtreme Tankers/Team - (UF/XT/SA/DAS/FA)Jacob

SM - Screaming Machines - FatLips

AU - Animals United - Spunky

TWC - Turret Wavers Club - Spunky

SPA - SPARKS - DEMO(Spark#1)

DA - Dont know... - Ethopia


BFW - Blue Fire Warriors - x.x

DC - Destructive Calvary - Boomo(SA/KS)

KS - Killer Snipers - Kagman

GG - Gamma Gunners - Matermine(GG)

RT - Rolling Thunder - Firefly and Coaxoch

Chip - Chipmunks - Jeospark

EE - Electro Effect - Legend

XW - Xtreme Warriors - Joe

H - Hackers Catholic - Cowboy

BS - BlackSun Admiral - Simcity

FU - Censored - Corey

DSU - Double Sworder United - Suriname

SF Slaying Forces GODZILLA(SF)

Old SF - Slaying Forces - Ozzy(SF)

EX - Extreme Tanks - Pdiddy

{TK} - Tank Killers - Spark3 {TK}-C

LF - Legendary Force - Brain Dude

PP - Painful Penguins - Kilika

BS - BlackSun Admiral -SimCity

DB - Dark Brotherhood - Don't know...

MF - Morbid Fear - Chong© & Minox|Bot|

U - Untouchables - Fatlips and NUTS!

TT - ThinkTanks Pheonix

Old TT - ThinkTank Legends - Foulplay

CC - Cola Creeps - RobZombie & ‡SHO(CC)ER‡

RRP - Raptor Rampage - RRP-GL $corpion

D5 - Deliquent 5 - Saint Jimmy(SF/D5)

GL - Geek Legion - proud_gaminggeek

KA - Koku's Army - Koku

OC - Outcast Forgotten - Don't know...

TNG - The Next Generation - Ritz (TNG)


TB - Team Burnout - vinilvalo

TG - Tankanian Guard - Aethellyn-(TG)

FA - Fourth Age - The Legionary(FA)

WF - Warlock Force - Warlock

LM - Legacy's Minions - Legacy (SA)

TSD - Think, Shoot... Destroy - TankManiaCTSD)UT

JT - Justice Team - nokta(JT)

WT - Wild Tanksters - Monica

WS - Wild Stallions - Unstoppable

EA - Elite Army - Capt Brains, Smeagol & Kirby

Note: This list is out of date and may contain errors

First Post Example Edit

YAN = Your Army (Name)

Welcome to YAN’s forum thread. If you’re new, welcome!


ARMY WEBSITE: " link to your army website here"

ARMY PRIVATE FORUMS: "link to your army private forums here"

ARMY HOSTERS: "list members who are able to host here"

WHAT WE STAND FOR: "say what you want your army to become"

Rules 1) No impostering - - this is just common sense. It makes members dislike you and this army.

2) No cliff-hanging or diving - - these are cheap strategies and they annoy people.

3) No swearing - - this is not needed for explaining your opinion to other people

4) Respect all TT’ers - - you don’t have to like every TT’er, but at least respect them how they are.

5) Protect YAN - - If someone makes a derogatory comment about the army, defend the army but don’t go over it.

6) You (don’t) need to have YAN in your name (but it is suggested) - - it’s a bit of advertising as well.

7) Try to come to wars and practices - - it makes us know that you like YAN, and makes us become closer and know you are active.

8) Be active - - try to post at PTT(²) at least once a week, and play TT at least twice a week.

9) Do not recruit unless you are a recruiter - - you can always e-mail/pm me if you find someone that wants to join.

10) Do not ask to be promoted - - the leader will decide whenever your ready for it

11) Don’t spam - it annoys everybody and slows down these forums

Specific Infractions

Break rule # 1 = booted

Break rule # 2 = warning

Break rule # 3 = kicked for one month

Break rule # 4 = up to kicked for one month

Break rule # 5 = nothing, but it’s common sense

Break rule # 6 = nothing, it’s optional

Break rule # 7 = warning if you don’t tell us at least 24h before the war/practice

Break rule # 8 = one warning each month of unexcused inactiveness

Break rule # 9 = warning

Break rule # 10 = warning

Break rule # 11 = severe warning even at first infraction, 2 - 4 day suspension if you continually spam

Recruitments to Join 1) You are not a DEMO

2) You have Think Tanks installed on your computer

3) You can be in 1 other army, as long as that army doesn’t appear on our enemy-list.

4) You must agree to obey higher ranked members and to all our rules


Leader(s) = (you)

Advisor(s) =

Co-Leader(s) =

Major(s) =

Colonel(s) =

Sergeant(s) =

Troop(s) =

Master Member List - - Punishments - - Contact - - Special Things

E.g.: Fat Halbert - - 2 warnings - - - - Currently unaviable

YAN News

Things to include in this section: new members, war results, warnings issued...etc

E.g.: August 3th 2007 - - YAN has been started!


War Record

Wins: ___ against (list army/ armies here)

Losses: ____ against (list army/ armies here)

Upcoming Wars

E.g.: August 6th 2007 - - AN - - TBM


Cassie Grades: (these grades are made by me, and are approved by the WGA (World Grading Alliance)

AncientOne Grades: (these grades are hugely respected, and give your army a very good status.)

Thanks for coming to the YAN-thread! Hope to see you again.

Other things you can include: banner, oath, motto, poem, …

Tips-n-Tricks for New Armies Edit

To be created

Thanks To & Credits Edit

To be created

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