ThinkTanks on InstantAction Feedback

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Paisano Edit

I love the new look and feel of IA TT. Everything is seems brand new, even down to the trees and rocks and pads! I like the way tanks look when they lose health and start to catch on fire! Yes, I experienced lag issues from time to time but I still enjoyed the games I played.

DJ Gentoo Edit

I see it as a pointless, skin-deep makeover of the TT we know and love, but with more idiocy from the n00bs, less admins to keep order, and more unfixed bugs- not to mention zero Linux support and no plans for it. I can't believe GarageGames is just leaving us to rot like this. I feel betrayed.

Radical One -VT- Edit

The IA version is a lot like this one. It's not bad, but there is more lag and more bugs. I still prefer the original, but if modding is brought into the IA version and the fog from the Spooky levels is added, it could compete with the original.

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