Practices Information Edit

Practices are on the following days:

Wednesdays at 7:00 pm EST

Fridays at 7:30 pm EST

Saturdays at 2 pm EST

Wars InformationEdit

Inter-VT: Teams will be announced at least one day in advance for wars. Server password will be announced asap.

Outer-VT: In your "war challenge", please include the gametype, the number of players, and the number of rounds per gametype

VT MembersEdit

General Vig


fletched warrior - dormant

Radical One

blitzer - back






Cassie - dormant


Red Dragon-VT-



Ripsaw - back

Dynasty - new

VT RanksEdit

Leaders "Triumverate"Edit

General Vig (VT God)

Spirit (Leader)

Radical One (Leader)

fletched warrior (Co-Leader)

Tankerbell (Co-Leader)

Right hand manEdit












Special RanksEdit

Member Name - - Special Rank - - Rank Description

General Vig - - ORR - - Officer in charge of recruitment and reprimands

Spirit - - OMO - - Officer in charge of member operations

fletched warrior - - OTT - - Officer in charge of tactics and training

Radical One - - OAO - - Officer in charge of gauging the army and its perfomances and actions

Tankerbell - - OPO - - Officer in charge of practice organization

Hat Trick - - HOM - - Head of modding operations

Member AbilitiesEdit

Hat Trick: modder

Tankerbell: hoster

fletched warrior: hoster

Cassie: hoster / modder

UFOman: hoster


Allie Armies: None

Enemy Armies: None

Personal Allies: Army Of One-SA-, PLAYER36-SA-, Monica

Personal Enemies: None

The Army We Look Up To: SA, MI

Armies We Frown Upon: None


People with Strikes Against them: None

Banned Players From VT: UFO(VT), Cookies + PIE

VT Hall of FameEdit

General Vig

Col Tim




Radical One



Requirements to JoinEdit

1) You MUST have an account on PTT2

2) You must be as active as possbile both on PTT2 and on TT

3) You must report on PTT2 if you will be inactive for any extended period of time. The date of your leave and of your return our requested

4) You MUST have a valid email account

5) You must have been tested by one of the leaders listed above

Testing PolicyEdit

For ANY TT player wanting to join VT, the following policy will apply:

- The player will be tested in both battlemode and scrum, with effort made to have the tests be in a private server

- The player will be graded on the following areas: Accuracy, shooting ability, tactics, technique and gametype knowledge. Each section is out of 25 points, for a total of 100 points

- In both gametype tests the player MUST receive at least 75 points to be accepted into VT

- If the player receives between 75 - 79 points in a test, the player will be accepted and placed under a current VT member for additional training for that gametype for 2 private practices. Another smaller test will be taken then by the player.

- If the player receives between 80 - 89 points in a test, the player will be placed in VT's Team B for that gametype. With practice, the player can move up to team A

- If the player recieves between 90 - 100 points in a test, the player will be placed in VT's team A for that gametype. That player will be able to play in all the wars he or she is available for.

VT BulletinEdit

1) If you were an old member of VT or MA, you are always welcome back

2) VT Gametype Teams to be announced

VT DailyEdit

December 27th, 2006: Spirit starts VT thread on PTT2-Vig Tweaks

December 28th, 2006: Forum edited - testing policy added

January 13th, 2007: New Member! name Red Dragon, Good at Scrum. Cookies + PIE is banned from VT, and redxsellcaster leaves VT. Upcoming wars, the 19th at 7 EST and the 21st at 2 EST thanks!

March 11th, 2007: New Member: Dynasty. Lost Fi war in both TS (Fi wins all) and TBM (forfeit).

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